Here’s What Happened to Lil Nas X’s Iconic 2021 Met Gala Outfit

Working the Met Gala has its perks!

We all remember where we were the first time we saw the iconic golden armour that Lil Nas X wore at the Met Gala last year. Now we know that two very lucky fans have even more memories about the outfit.


Twitter user @JustLike_Jake revealed that it wasn’t Lil Nas who went home with the outfit, but his Met Gala employee roommate! And he has the selfies to prove it!


“I wasn’t allowed to post this bc it would have gotten my roommate in trouble, but enough time has passed and he doesn’t care anymore,” @JustLike_Jake tweeted. “He worked the Met Gala last year and casually came home with Lil Nas X’s outfit and we just like, had it in our apartment and would wear it sometimes.”


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The fan shared a couple of pictures of him wearing the beautifully made Versace armour, complete with golden abs and dramatic shoulders. He also clarified exactly what happened.


“Lol to clarify: my roomie was handed the outfit to hold and no one came back for it,” the user tweeted. “He brought it home and we reached out to let them know we had it and someone from Versace came to pick it up about a week later.”