Lionel Richie Jokes He No Longer Goes ‘All Night Long’ As The Hit Song Turns 40!

Nothing lasts all night long- not even Lionel Richie!

While promoting season 21 of American Idol with fellow judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan during an appearance on The View- Lionel spoke about his hit song “All night long” celebrating its 40th anniversary!

Lionel joked; “Let me give you the first part that I have to really, really say to you,” Richie said. “When I wrote ‘All Night Long,’ it was truly all night long.”

He continued, joking, “Now my ‘all night long’ is down to a fierce 15 minutes. But, don’t worry, we’ll talk about that later!”

However, Perry didn’t seem too fazed by his answer. “15 minutes, that’s long, bud!” she said in response. “And don’t you forget that, alright?” Richie quipped back.

And perhaps fans will get to see if Richie can go ‘all night long,’ or at least until 11 pm this summer, Richie will take his music on a worldwide tour.

There is a stop in Toronto on August 8th! More info!