Living Apart Together Relationships (LAT) Have Become Very Popular!

Would you consider this if you could afford it?

Living apart together is a new relationship trend popularized in many counties. Surprised, what exactly is it all about? Well, LAT (Living apart together) relationship is where the partners live in different homes yet are together. Many people are following this trend as a part of modern times.

In Britain, the social trend has its very own name: Living Apart Together relationships (or LATs).

It is a non-traditional way of living or an urban phenomenon. It is suitable for people who want to live independently and can afford a separate home. In LAT relationships, couples can be married or unmarried. 

In LAT, people enjoy their own space and the pleasures of intimacy with their partner.


Over time, as a married couple, people can develop different interests and lifestyles.

They may love each other and want their relationship to work but may not want to share the same home. If you feel that living under the same roof can’t solve your problems with your partner, you may try the LAT relationship.

According to a poll, about 10% of adults in North America are in LAT relationships