Lulla Doll Has Beating Heart and Scent Of Mom To Help Your Baby Sleep

Said to be the next best thing to actual parent snuggles

Just imagine parents, a doll that can sub in for you to help your child sleep!

According to their website, “nothing can replace loving human contact but the Lulla Doll aims to be a second best.”

The comfort comes from the speaker inside Lulla that, when the heart on her chest is pressed, plays an eight-hour recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a sleeping mother. The doll can also absorb mom’s scent if they hold it close before giving it to your child…

Parents are jumping on the chance for a good night’s sleep—so much so that the first run sold out within two weeks of release. One was even sold on eBay for $665.

The bigger question, will this work for older children?

Here’s the Amazon Link