Madonna Calls Out Canadian Artist Tory Lanez For Using Her Music

I wouldn’t mess with Madonna

Madge is calling out the Brampton rapper!  The Material Girl says he’s using one of her famous songs without her permission, and that’s illegal!



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Madonna called out the rapper on Instagram, leaving a comment on one of his recent posts and claiming “illegal usage” of her song, “Into The Groove.”

The song in question here is Tory’s recent track, “Pluto’s Last Comet” … and he’s been promoting it on his social media … but Madonna’s clearly not a fan. She believes the song — especially the beginning instrumental — is a rip-off of her earlier work.


It’s unclear if she’s preparing to take legal action but it’s pretty clear that Troy knocked off Madonna.


Here’s Madonna’s “Into the Groove”

Here is the song in question!