Madonna is mad at Lady Gaga again!

Why can't they just get along?

Lady Gaga has always seemed to maintain that she grew up idolizing Madge- but the two have butted heads int he past.  The latest feud comes as Madonna is accusing Gaga of stealing one of her quotes!  The quote in question is…

“There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life.”

Lady Gaga has said this phrase a few times while continuing to promote “A Star Is Born.” For whatever reason- jealousy?   Madonna is trying to overshadow Gaga…

Madonna posted an Instagram story Monday of an interview of herself from the 1980s. Madonna said: “If there are 100 people in a room and 99 say they liked it, I only remember the one person who didn’t.”

In the past, Madonna has accused Gaga of copying Express Yourself and slammed her as”reductive.”  But Gaga has always denied comparisons with her older rival.