Man Forced To Eat His Shoe After Losing ‘Top Gun’ Bet!

The movie did better than expected, so he should have to eat a sock too!

A man who made a bet with an unlikely outcome has just eaten his words — and his shoe.


Matt Patches, the deputy entertainment editor for Polygon said in 2010 that he’d “eat a shoe” if the Top Gun sequel ever happened.


With the release of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Matt was forced to swallow his pride and some laces this week. 


On October 26, 2010, at exactly 7:42 pm., Patches declared on Twitter, “If ‘Top Gun 2’ happens, I will eat a shoe.”


The original tweet has since been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped it from resurfacing throughout the years. Paramount reportedly even joined in on the joke, sending Patches a cake shaped like a shoe.


On Thursday, Patches uploaded a video to YouTube, titled “I ate a shoe because of Top Gun 2.”


Top Gun: Maverick Debuts At The Box Office With $124 Million


This is Tom Cruise’s first movie opening over the 100 million mark! For a movie, these days to clear over 100 million that doesn’t have a superhero in it, is quite an achievement, and Cruise has done it with the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun!


Collecting $134 million from a record 4,732 North American cinemas. Paramount and Skydance’s all-American action-adventure is expected to collect $151 million through Monday.


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The movie had received great reviews before its release, as people love the nostalgia and Tom Cruise in a cockpit! 


“Top Gun: Maverick” is the highest-grossing debut in Cruise’s 40-year career and his first to surpass $100 million on opening weekend.