Man invents clothes that grow with your child

Where was this guy when my kids were small?

Did you know that parents on average will spend over $4000 on clothing for one kid before they even reach the age of 3? It’s hard to avoid – they just grow up so fast. Literally.

Meet Ryan Yasin, a 24-year-old designer who has invented a line of clothes that actually stretches as your child grows…

Ryan winner James Dyson Award UK 2017 spoke with the designer.

‘I invented a structure in the fabric, it’s kind of like origami – so it’s folded and compacted, and when it’s folded it grows and expands,’ he told

The clothes have a hydrophobic coating which makes them waterproof, while the grid-like folds on the outerwear point downward to make any rain run straight off. And they won’t lose their flexibility, because they’ve been treated with heat to stay permanently in place.

Ryan winner James Dyson Award UK 2017

This includes washing – they’ve been designed to go through the wash cycle on a regular basis, while remaining durable and long-lasting.

The garments are mainly outerwear for the time being, as they’re made out of synthetic material that parents may not necessarily want against their kids’ bare skin.

But when it’s not being used, the jacket folds until it is small enough to fit into a parent’s pocket.  Children can start wearing Petit Pli clothes at the age of four to six months, he said, until about the age of three years.

Ryan winner James Dyson Award UK 2017