Many People Have Changed Their Shower Habits In a Bid To Save Money

Some are even showering with their partner...

Researchers found 30 percent are curtailing their showering habits as the cost-of-living crisis bites, with many worried about how their hygiene routine is impacting bills.

A third of those cutting back are even turning off the water when it’s not needed – such as when conditioning hair – and 11 percent now use dry shampoo instead of washing.

While 17 percent combine a shower with brushing their teeth.

Yet, the typical adult still has six showers a week, lasting an average of eight minutes each time – with three-quarters claiming anything longer than 10 minutes is ‘too long’ to spend in the shower.

The research also found only 74 percent of the time in a shower is spent washing, with the rest of the time spent doing other things such as cleaning it.

Others admit they listen to podcasts and even have a pee.

Seven in 10 also admitted they let the water run before getting in for an average of 17 seconds.

And 41 percent confessed they never turn the water off mid-way through, while only 15 percent do when exfoliating and 18 percent do as they wait for the conditioner to set.

It also emerged shower times increase by an average of three minutes when adults wash their hair three times a week, while shaving adds on five additional minutes, which people do twice a week.

As a result, people argue with others in their household three times a week about washing times, with 31 percent complaining others spend too much time under the water.

Of those polled via OnePoll, 44 percent have been known to wash more than once a day, including after exercising, before attending an event and following sex.

But 32 percent admitted they feel dirty if they don’t shower every day, although 18 percent often lose track of time and forget how long they’ve been under the water.