Mariah Carey Gets Paid For ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You…

She says that the continued love for her song never ceases to amaze her!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving for Mariah, first released in 1994-but didn’t hit number 1 until 2019. 

It has been a staple every Christmastime since it first appeared on Carey’s Merry Christmas album.

Mariah can now literally bank on between November 1st and December 31st, ‘All I Want For Christmas’ will bring her a big paycheck!

Carey is on track to earn $6 million this year from her 1994 track. 

Mariah Carey doesn’t get all the cash. The revenues from the song are split between her, the track’s co-writer Walter Afanasieff and Sony.

But in 2017, The Economist crunched the numbers and figured that Carey takes home $2.5 million per year thanks to the holiday hit.

Last year, Forbes went one step further and estimated that since its release the track has earned $72 million.

Carey’s holiday haul this year also includes revenue from concert appearances in Toronto and New York City this month, and a special airing on Paramount+.