McCain Releases Clothing With Insulated Pockets!

Clothing with Insulated Pockets For it’s New Breakfast Pockets! Brilliant!

This is one way to ensure that your teen gets a hot breakfast!

McCain has introduced a new addition to their breakfast pocket family, with breakfast pockets on the go!

With only a 90-second prep time, Breakfast Pockets were created for on-the-go teens who need a quick bite to start their day. Packed with real eggs, cheese, and bacon, their deliciousness is at its max when served hot.

But if your teen warms up the hot pocket but wants to eat it later- how will they keep it warm?

Enters the breakfast Pockets- Pockets collection, designed to the exact specifications of the new breakfast pocket.

The clothing line consists of three streetwear-inspired garments—a chore jacket, hoodie, and cargo pants. The unisex designs are outfitted with various insulated food-safe pockets to keep Breakfast Pockets warm and snug.

The limited-edition capsule collection is available for pre-order at Prices range from $60 to $80 per item.

The coolest part about this is that 100% of the collection’s proceeds will go to Toonies for Tummies, a charity that helps fund school breakfast programs.