McDonald’s Launches $200 Wedding Package

You may now kiss the McBride!

Those midnight buffets at weddings are the best!  And imagine a Big Mac at a wedding!

McDonald’s is offering a $200 wedding plan for those who wish to marry and have McDonald’s as part of their big day!

For $200, the wedding package includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 packs of four-piece chicken nuggets.

Having your last ever happy meal! LOL!

This doesn’t appear to be a North American thing, but rather from the chain’s Indonesian locations.

According to the company’s Indonesian account, there are other exciting packing options with a minimum order of 200 pcs.

To be clear, the wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McD store, but only for food, such as catering with prices starting from $235, with a minimum purchase of 200 products.

The basic “Happiness Party” package, which costs about $382, includes everything from invites, venue, audio equipment and food for an extra $127.