Melissa McCarthy Grants Christmas Wishes in the Holiday movie “Genie”

This looks super fun!

The film was written by Richard Curtis, the guy behind ‘Love Actually’…The movie will start to stream on Peacock on November 22nd!

In the upcoming holiday fairytale comedy, Genie, from Universal and Working Title, Bernard (Paapa Essiedu) enlists genie Flora (McCarthy) to help him win back his family before Christmas.  

While Bernard has been busy with work, he doesn’t realize his job, life and family are unravelling around him until it’s too late. As he’s sitting in his New York City apartment alone, trying to figure out how to fix his mistakes, Bernard comes across an antique jewelry box. 

As he’s dusting it off, he unintentionally releases Flora, a genie trapped for more than 2,000 years inside.