Michigan Man Assaulted By Women With Sandwich!

What kind of sandwich was it?

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office reported an unusual incident where a sub sandwich was identified as the weapon used in an alleged assault.

Sandwich Violence

A 62-year-old woman from Garfield Township was accused of assaulting her male acquaintance with a sandwich and is currently in custody at the county jail. Police were called on Monday at 3:31 p.m. about the incident, which happened near Keystone Road in Garfield Township.

Police Examine

According to Capt. Chris Clark, the woman claimed that she was simply offering her male acquaintance, who is 57 years old, a bite of her sandwich when it accidentally fell and hit him in the face. However, the man felt threatened by her actions and accused her of assaulting him with the sandwich.

The sandwich was examined by police and was found to still be intact, but “floppy.” The report did not specify the type of sandwich used.

Under The Influence

Alcohol was involved in the incident, as the woman had a PBT (preliminary breath test) of 0.0263. The case is still under investigation, and the report has been sent to the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

This unusual incident has left the community bewildered, and many are wondering how a harmless sandwich could be turned into a weapon of assault.

At least no one was hurt. Now I’m hungry for a sandwich.