Millennial ‘Beige Christmas’ Is Over — Gen Z Wants Gaudy Holiday Nostalgia

Which would you rather?

Beige and neutral tones set by lifeless millennials via their Instagram feeds are now being pushed out thanks to Gen Z, who are desperately seeking some holiday old-school cheer!

A TikTok user named Avery has decided she will not be staging her home like a “Crate and Barrel showroom,” and instead has her eye on “nostalgic” Christmas: obnoxious multicolour lights, eclectic, mismatched ornaments and tinsel so shiny it could almost be considered tacky.

“I have decided that I will not be participating in minimalist, beige Christmas this year,” the Washington state resident declared in a TikTok video, which earned 1.2 million views.

@aver.deedle Buh-bye beige christmas #greenscreen #nostalgia #nostalgicchristmas #colorfulchristmas #christmasdecorations #christmaslights ♬ Christmas Is Coming – DM Production

“The theme this year is nostalgic, early 2000s Christmas,” Avery continued, alongside a photo of a teetering tree loaded with ornaments of varying colours and sizes, haphazard tinsel and drenched in the blinding, reddish-orange glow of the technicolour bulbs.

Avery may be onto something. At a time when everyone seems down and stressed, let’s bring back the tacky 80’s tinsel Christmas!