Moms Found at Every Elementary School

Welcome to a brand new school year with all your favourite Moms!

Which Mom are you?

Welcome to a brand new school year, where the kids are entering a different grade; and the mom’s remain the same!  The school yard brings a wide variety of types of moms… These are the mom’s around Charlie’s kids’ school!


The PJ’s to school Mom:

This is the mom what looks like she just fell out of bed and is just trying to survive! Sloppy flannel pants, big baggy T-shirt, messy hair that follows her everywhere!

The Hot Mom Bomb:

Boobs you could bounce a quarter off; tank tops so tight that women, men and children alike take a double take. This mom is always yoga pants, (The see-threw ones) tummy so flat, you question whether in fact those are her real kids…


The Hipster mom:

This is the one wearing long flowing skirts, extra long. The child is usually named Rain, storm or harmony! She packs her kid’s lunches with only organic; even the lunch bag is edible!


The Constantly Volunteering Mom:

This mom may actually love at the school! Overtime you go- she’s there with some sort of safety and fundraiser flyer. She’s the one that helps out in classrooms and makes a point of stopping and telling you that she saw your kid in class!


The Perfectionist Mom:

This is the flawless mom with the flawless kids. They all look like they stepped out of a GAP ad. Her makeup is perfect; her outfit is perfect and there’s a designer bag that goes with every season. Perfect manicured hands wave to you as she it taking her kid to violin lessons or mandarin class.

Running late Mom:

She whips into the kiss and drop every morning just as the bell is ringing! Dragging her kid through the school to get a late slip while coming up with a new reason why they are alway late for school!

Gossip Queen Mom.

She’s been at the school forever. Knows everything about everybody and is eager to share. From Head Janitor to PTA President nobody is safe. If there’s dirt, she’ll find it.