Monday, April 6, 2020 – $1,000 Minute

Charlie Got 7 today, how did you do?

1) It’s said to be bad luck if THIS black animal crosses your path.
(Black Cat)





2)  Fredericton is the capital of which Canadian province?
(New Brunswick)






3) TRUE OR FALSE: Acorns come from Maple trees.
(False- Oak)






4) How many T’s are in the word SILHOUETTE?






5) What is the nickname for the big clock in London, England?
(Big Ben)






6) In reference to vehicles, what does the acronym SUV stand for?
(Sport Utility Vehicle)






7) In the game of chess, which piece can move one square in any direction?







8)  ‘Pecan’, ‘Macadamia’ and ‘Pine’ are all common types of what?







9) What number month is April?



10) Red mixed with which other colour makes orange?