Money Wasters At Your Wedding!

People won't miss these little extras!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning a wedding, each decision has a hefty price tag attached to it.


It’s not uncommon for the bride/groom and parents to spare no expenses for this very special day! But if you are trying to cut costs, wedding experts weigh in on what can be skipped on your big day!


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Champagne toasts!

Its prices and also outdated.  Not all guests like champagne and not everyone will take more than a sip during the toast!  Let people toast you with whatever they have in front of them!



Balloon Backdrops!

Just because they’re at every Instagrammers event doesn’t mean they have to be at your wedding. You don’t want your reception to look like a birthday party.  Balloon backdrops aren’t very elegant and let’s face it, they don’t last long and can pop. 

Personalized napkins and place settings

You’ve probably been to a wedding where the couple has added their initials or even the wedding date onto napkins, but you probably didn’t give it a second thought. So why waste money on them for your big day? Plus people who are there clearly know who you are!


Food Trucks!

Back in the day, the mid-night buffet was cool, but always an add-on.  Now it’s cool to have a food truck around 11 pm!  But no one expects to be fed twice at a wedding reception.  If people are hungry later- they can go to Mcdonald’s later!

Printed Wedding programs

Guess what, people are there for you- they don’t care what the schedule is for the day!  People generally know how weddings go!