More Than Half of Co-Sleepers Have A Third Wheel in the Bedroom!

Know what you're getting yourself into bed with!

Heads up if you’re thinking of moving in with someone and sharing a bed!

According to new data, fifty-two percent of people grew up sleeping with a security blanket or stuffed animal, and 77% reported continuing to do so, even when sharing a bed with their partner.

The survey delved into the sleeping and nighttime habits of cohabiting couples and discovered some of their top sleep disruptors including when their partner steals the covers, wakes them up tossing and turning, sleeps with the television on, snores or sleeps with the lights on.

Many people have bedtime rules also and include showering before bed- it’s a must!

Co-sleeping comes with its own set of sleep disruptors. For those looking to achieve higher quality sleep when co-sleeping, it’s important to work with your partner to agree to a sleep routine and environment which could range from regular sleep and wake times to removing unnecessary distractions from the bedroom.

(Like your partner)

Respondents seem to agree. When asked what could contribute to better sleep, a new/better mattress, new/better pillows, or a bigger bed topped the list.