Most Common Ways People Try To Support Their Immune Systems

Intermittent fasting, have you tried it?

A new poll suggests that people will go to great lengths to maintain a healthy immune system.

Immune-boosting hacks include having more sex, listening to uplifting music, taking vitamin D, fasting, and gargling salt water.

And nearly one in 20 (four percent) have even tried colonic irrigation – the practice of injecting water via the anus to flush out toxins from the colon.

It also emerged 27 percent are open to trying more ‘extreme’ steps to improve immunity, such as having IV vitamin infusions, but 52 percent aren’t convinced ‘alternative’ methods like these work.

Instead, 70 percent believe adopting little daily habits could be a more sustainable and effective way to support their immune system.

Top 20 most common ways people have tried to support the immune system

1.            Have more water

2.            Taken Vitamin D

3.            Exercised regularly

4.            Eaten a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables

5.            Taken oral vitamin supplements

6.            Tried to get more sleep at night

7.            Upped their step count

8.            Have lemon water

9.            Eaten fortified foods

10.         Intermittent fasting

11.         Gargled salt water

12.         Had more sex

13. Take cold showers

14.         Veganuary

15.         Gone on well-being retreats

16.         Purposefully mixed with sick people to build antibodies

17.         Taken ice baths

18.         Tried acupuncture

19.         Wild swimming

20.         Tried osteopathy