Mother Nature is your wingman during the summer!

Getting more affection lately from your partner?

Our sex drives usually experience a slight bump during the summer months, but why does it happen?

There are a few reasons – some are scientific, while others are… a little more predictable.

More Vitamin D

Cue the jokes about ‘getting the D’…Done? OK. Vitamin D is in very few foods, but your body can produce it by exposing your skin to sunlight (just don’t get burnt).  Vitamin D helps with bone growth but also increases testosterone levels.
Increase serotonin levels

Summer also means more socializing and outdoor activities. Being outdoors and with your friends will bring you some modicum of happiness.  Being happy increases your serotonin levels, which increases your sex drive.
Bodies on show

So, when we see these physically-blessed people strutting their stuff at the park or on the beach, it makes us want to have sex for some strange reason.


In fact, more babies are born in September than in any other month, which means people are probably having most sex during the cold dark January evenings.