NASA Tests A Bruce Willis Armageddon Mission!

If anyone can save the world, it's Bruce Willis!

This past weekend, NASA  launched its first test mission to redirect a non-threatening asteroid.

The agency invited Bruce Willis to the launch, however; the star wasn’t there.

Even before the 1998 movie, U.S. officials had long been interested in planetary security! 

For those who were not blessed enough to have watched the film, which featured Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler crooning “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” during a love scene starring his real-life daughter Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck.

The plot revolves around a scenario similar to the real-world near-disaster at the heart of the DART mission: fears of a Texas-sized asteroid headed straight for Earth.

In the movie, NASA hires a bunch of oil riggers who are badass enough to go into space and blow it to smithereens. So when reports emerged in 2017 that NASA was planning a mission that seemed remarkably like the one in “Armageddon,” it felt very much like life was imitating art.