Nashville Council Rejects Proposed Sign for Morgan Wallen’s New Bar

It wasn't even a close vote!

Nashville council members have rejected plans for a glowing sign to be erected at Morgan Wallen’s new bar along the city’s neon-lit strip of honky tonks, citing his use of a racial slur that caused controversy in 2021 and recent criminal charges accusing the country star of throwing a chair off a rooftop near two police officers.

The Nashville Metro Council voted 30-3 Tuesday evening against the proposed sign at Morgan Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen, which is set to open this weekend. The sign would have hung over a public sidewalk, similar to those at many neighbouring bars. Such a sign requires local government approval and usually isn’t a controversial process.

During the debate, council members called Wallen’s comments hateful and his actions harmful. They also said the performer has received multiple second chances.