National Cheese Day, June 4th!

There are many ways to celebrate National Cheese Day

Try a new recipe or take a risk and try a type of cheese you’ve never heard of before.

Ask for recommendations from friends or share your favourites.  Make sure you post to social media using #NationalCheeseDay

So grab your graters and let’s start National Cheese Day with a few fun facts that are GOUDA to know…

  • Cheese has been produced in Canada since 1608 when Samuel de Champlain brought cows over from France.
  • To this day, the “Canadienne” breed of cattle is descended from that original herd.
  • It takes 10 litres of milk to produce 1 kilogram of cheese
  • On average, each Canadian consumes about 15 kilograms of cheese per year
  • Canada’s favourite cheese is cheddar, followed by Feta and Mozzarella.