National Flannel Day!

It's become a closet staple!

First made popular in Europe and again when the Bi-Way started selling them! 



Get cozy today in a flannel shirt or just don’t change out of your pyjamas.  Know what makes flannel so dang warm? The yarn is frayed so the fibre ends stick out, making it feel softer and trapping warm air against your skin. And no, ‘flannel’ and ‘plaid’ aren’t the same thing: one is a fabric, the other is a colour pattern.



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Flannel started from farmers in the 1600s in Scotland. Although some argue it started in Wales in the 17th century…



Many articles and opinions associate flannel shirts and the Grunge look out of Seattle in the ’90s. However, the New York Times article claims this was the end of the grunge era. 



Now, flannel seems to be part of the Hipster uniform. What is old is new again!