New ‘Airbag Jeans’ Save Motorcyclists In A Crash

But if you want a pair, it will cost you!

Fatalities and injuries among motorcyclists have steadily increased over the years.

While helmets and other protective gear are encouraged for riders, they do very little to provide a cushion in the case of a serious accident.

Cue: “Airbag Jeans.”

Swedish design company Mo’cycle has crafted a pair of inflatable denim trousers meant to break the wearer’s fall using CO2. A cartridge installed inside the jeans releases the gas as the rider topples off the bike during a mishap.

But the price of safety isn’t cheap – the jeans retail at $499 and will be available to order later this month.

They are said to be the world’s first inflatable jeans made from abrasion-resistant and water-repellent fabric, yet feel like true denim. Before the airbag deploys, the trousers seem just like any other pair of pants – that is, until the airbag is triggered. Within “milliseconds,” the website claims, the jeans inflate.

The company also engineered an Airbag Vest and an Airbag Outfit, inflatable alternatives to standard cyclist gear.

The gear is reusable so if you’re not that great on the bike- the jeans will protect you multiple times.