New Poll Finds That Most People In The UK Want To have A Beer With Ed Sheeran!

If People Could Have A Drink With A Celebrity, It Would Be Ed Sheeran, says new poll.

Ed Sheeran tops Adele and Queen Elizabeth when it comes to people you want to have a drink with!

According to a new survey, commissioned by a UK company called Chef and Brewer which owns a chain of pubs, Ed Sheeran got 10% of the vote, ahead of Queen Elizabeth II who got 7%. Other celebrities who made the list include Adele and Elton John, who each got 6%, and Taylor Swift, with 5%.

Michelle Obama and Boris Johnson, the recently resigned prime minister, each got 6% of the vote; while President Joe Biden received only 3%.

Despite no longer being the avid beer drinker that he once was, Ed leading in votes for this particular question isn’t entirely surprising. TBH, he’d probably make the Top 5 no matter what country the survey was held in.


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