New Study Finds That Millions Of People Will Avoid Holiday Functions Because They Have Nothing To Wear!

But I Have Nothing To Wear!

While 23 percent claimed they didn’t have anything suitable, with 26 percent admitting they have never re-worn an existing outfit.

But seven in 10 are planning to spend less money on their outfit this year, due to the rise in living costs and wearing something they already own to be environmentally friendly.

As a result, a third of those polled are likely to worry more about their outfit, than about what to eat or if their dancing will be embarrassing.

It also emerged they will typically decide what to wear to a Christmas social weeks in advance.

And it’s not a quick decision, with 62 minutes spent looking at clothes in shops, 49 minutes browsing online and 53 minutes trying on options throughout the festive period.

The study also revealed the top worries when deciding what to wear, including feeling unconfident in their chosen outfit, being over or under-dressed and clashing with someone else.

It also found being complimented on an outfit at a Christmas party leaves people feeling happy, flattered and confident.

The study found that our favourite materials to wear are velvet, silk or satin and leather.  People’s favourite colours to wear are black, blue and red!

But the most important factors when deciding what to wear to a festive occasion are comfort, practicality and warmth.  (How quickly someone can get it off, LOL) 

And 21 percent also like to express their personality through their choice of outfit.