New Study Finds That More Than Half of Adults Are Scared of The Dark!

Ever since watching Little Monsters in the 80's, Charlie still will occasionally check under the bed!


A new British study finds that 64% of adults admit that they are still scared of the dark.

The research found that nearly two-thirds of adults fear turning off the lights at night and also 36% regularly get paranoid about something in the room with them.

20% of adults will check under their bed before going to sleep, and some admit to checking their closet for monsters.

17% of grown-ups will sleep with a light on at night too. The study also found that the average adult will wake up at least twice a month feeling scared or that something creepy is in their room.

22% of grown-ups say that they don’t poke their foot out from under the covers in fear that someone or something may grab it…

When it comes to men and women, over 50% of women suffer from being scared of the dark vs 25% of men…