New Survey Finds Most Women Plan To Wear A ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costume This Year

But less than half of men will

Halloween is for eye candy!

A sex-positive dating app called Pure recently polled 2,000 adults to find out what costumes will be worn this Halloween…

According to the poll, 58% of adults are likely to wear a sexy costume, and 19% hope their disguise helps them end the night with a sweet treat — under the sheets.

But results show that women are putting in more work to look the part and lock in a potential boo because 72% of women are likely to wear a sexy outfit this year — compared to just 43% of men.

80% of respondents found the anonymity of costumes to be a turn-on. 

Halloween is the night you can be anyone you want, and 56% of people are going full throttle with their costumes, even if people can’t recognize them.

Most female participants plan to channel their inner sexy dressing as Catwoman, Harley Quinn and a nurse.

Meanwhile, men are considering Batman, a gladiator, or a police officer.

No matter what identity people decide to embody on October 31st, 39% hope to get laid even if it involves some kinky behaviour.

If the night leads to role play, 75% of participants will be more than satisfied to fulfill their steamy sexual desires.

And for those who usually don’t get lucky, 76% of men and 49% have had sexual fantasies about a character they met at a Halloween party.