No Spoilers! When To Take A Bathroom Break During Avengers: End Game!

If your bladder can make it through 3 hours, you truly are a super hero!

The latest super hero movie is expected to be a monster blockbuster hit with millions taking in the film this weekend!  Concession stands will be busy, people grabbing their favourite snacks and drinks.  If you can hold it for three hours, than you truly are a super hero…But if you can’t, here’s when to go!


Avengers: End Game is a three hours and 2 minutes long movie, so its going to be a challenge for your bladder! According to Screen Rant, you should take a pee break at about 45 minutes into the movie.  This is when Pepper and Tony Stark have a conversation and it’s said to be a slow point in the movie!

The second bathroom break opportunity is around 1 hour 40 minutes in. Tony and Steve are in a scene apart from the main group. It’s said again to be a slower point in the film but important to the plot!

According to those who have already seen the movie- you don’t want to miss anything else as after the half way mark as this is when the action starts!