‘Now You See Me’ Is Getting A Live Show!

See the four horseman LIVE!

Based on the film franchise, the show will be a mix of state-of-the-art magic and cutting-edge technology, surprise twists, and never-before-seen illusions from some of the greatest magicians in the world.  The new show is in partnership with Lionsgate and The Works Entertainment.

The tour will go across the globe and start off in the country which was the highest-grossing international market for the film series — China!

The two movies took in $680 Million worldwide and over $120 million in China alone.

It starts in November. The shows will feature four “horsemen”: “The Showman” James More from “Britain’s Got Talent”; “The Manipulator” Florian Sainvet, a two-time French Magic Champion and finalist of “France’s Got Talent”. “The Escape Artist” Sabine van Diemen from “Holland’s Got Talent” and West End Productions’ “The Illusionists”; and “The Mentalist” Enzo Weyne from “France’s Got Talent.”

A fifth cast member, the show’s host, will be unique to each market and emcee the show in the local language of the touring region.

If you haven’t seen the movies, here’s the first trailer!  Oh, and a 3rd movie is already in the works!