Nutella Boards Are A Thing Now!

Here’s How To Make Tik Tok’s New Favourite Dessert!

What will be the next big thing in Charcuterie???

Alternate charcuterie-style boards are everywhere right now.  The butter boards were so last week. But still worth making!

What’s not to love about any kind of charcuterie board?  They’re easy to make and more importantly, really impressive to look at when you set them down.

And now the Nutella board is here- elevating the iconic spread to an even higher level…

You might be used to eating your Nutella with a spoon out of the jar or, if you’re really fancy, spreading it on toast, but this trend takes Nutella and makes it fancy.

All the Nutella board involves is artfully smearing softened Nutella onto a board, sprinkled with sweet treats of your choosing.

Some have kept it simple by adding strawberries and bananas, while others have added chopped nuts, pretzels and extra chocolate.

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