Nutella Is Going To Release A New Richer Spread With More Cocoa!

Nutella just dropped a chocolate bombshell on us!

The brand announced that it will be bringing out a new richer spread which contains more cocoa. 

The new spread, which goes by the name of ‘Nutella +Cocoa,’ will contain double the amount of cocoa as the original – giving it a more intense flavour.

The original Nutella contains 7.4% of cocoa goodness and the new product will contain 15% more.  The new product is said to be coming this fall. 

My kid loves these!


Like original Nutella, the recommended portion for the new variety is a 15g heaped teaspoon (about 80Kcals), but we’re not judging if you decide to go in for seconds or thirds – you’re only human, after all.