“Obvious” Reasons Why A Friend Is Still Single…

Unrealistic expectations!

Everyone has that friend who always seems to remain single.  There may be a reason for it.

People are sharing the obvious reasons why their friend is still single…

Here are some highlights.  (We tried to stick to the controllable things.)

1.  Some people mentioned character issues, like, “He’s not as nice of a person as HE thinks he is.”  Maybe they’re TOO confident, have zero self-esteem, or they have a total lack of self-control.

2.  Some mentioned attitude issues, like, “They’re always negative.”  Or, “They’re too immature,” particularly with their sense of humour.

3.  They smell bad.  (Let’s assume these are cases when it’s a conscious laziness with personal hygiene.)

4.  Some said the person has an unrealistic impression of themselves, even lying to themselves about their effort, like living a healthy lifestyle.

5.  Some said the person has unrealistic expectations for a partner.  It’s okay to have high standards, but people expect everyone they date to be perfect.

6.  Some say the person doesn’t know how to sell themselves.  You also have to have interests for someone to be interested in you.

7.  The person can’t stop living in the past.

8.  The person has an unappealing internet record.  It’s common to Google someone, especially with online dating.  Or to link up on social media, where you can see a person’s posts going back YEARS.

Remember:  Be VERY careful about what you post online, even when you think you’re “anonymous.”  Internet posts have a way of sticking around.

9.  The person talks too much, or worse, they’re too self-centred.

10.  They’re too clingy, they can’t commit to anything, or they need “constant validation.”