Ordering Free Bread at Restaurants Is Costing You More

Don’t fill up on bread!

The deliciously zero-cost carb-load before your entree could be costing you more than you bargained for, at least according to one TikToker.

Denise, who goes by @sweetfiber online, revealed the real reason restaurants load up customers on homemade bread — or chips and dip, depending on cuisine — before a meal.

“It’s not because they want you to fill up on the ‘free stuff,’ and they’re not being generous,” she said in a clip.

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“This is a way for them to make more money.”  

Munching on bread while eyeing the menu, Denise claimed, will make you hungrier and crave more due to a blood glucose spike that happens while consuming the bread.

“So, while it feels like they’re being generous, they are winning,” she said of the restaurants’ scheme.

“You order more food, they bring you some more bread and then offer you a dessert that’s nearly impossible to resist.”

Thus, diners blow more cash…

Many views were quick to disagree with this theory, claiming they’re too full after the bread comes and after the apps to eat more…

Experts previously reported that processed carbohydrates trigger a large release of insulin to “normalize blood sugar” and send it into “storage.”