Orillia Roads Getting Much Needed Attention

Key to future development and growth, says mayor

A few roads in Orillia are getting some much needed attention thanks to a $2-million dollar cash injection from the province. Mayor Steve Clarke says the west end improvements are essential to future development and growth in the city. Among the improvements:

  • A second westbound left-hand turn lane from Highway 12 to West Ridge Boulevard.
  • A second right-hand turn lane from Monarch Drive onto Highway 12.
  • A second westbound left-turn lane on Highway 12 at Monarch Drive.
  • A second right-turn lane on the southbound Highway 11 off-ramp.
  • The addition of a third eastbound through lane on Highway 12 from West Ridge Boulevard to Highway 11.
  • The addition of a bike lane along Highway 12.

An MTO study of the Highway 12 corridor between Memorial Avenue and Horseshoe Valley Road identified the section of Highway 12 between Murphy Road and Highway 11 is at or nearing design traffic capacity. The City of Orillia anticipates construction of the West Orillia road improvement to begin in 2016, with an estimated completion of end of 2017.