Oscar Mayer Is Now Selling Frozen Wiener Pops

It will go nicely with Ketchup Ice Cream!

When it comes to hot dogs, even Oscar Mayer says that “hot wieners are better than cold wieners,” but they’re working on changing that.

Oscar Mayer is selling its first-ever “Cold Dog,” which is a POPSICLE.  It tastes like a hot dog, and they say it has “both refreshing and smokey, umami notes.”  And it’s topped with a “mustard swirl.”  (It’s unclear if that tastes like mustard, or if it’s just a design thing.)

If you’re looking for someone to blame for this, the idea dates back to an Instagram  post on Oscar Mayer’s account a few months ago, where they asked their followers if it was “stupid or genius.”

People said it was genius.  A rep for Oscar Mayer said, “After the overwhelming fan excitement, it was a no-brainer to make [it] a reality.”

For better or worse, it’s not a nationwide release yet.  The “Cold Dog” is available at select Popbar locations, while supplies last.  They cost $2 a pop.  If you don’t know, Popbar is a chain of gelato shops.