Overrated Breakfast Foods!

Pizza isn't on the list?

A poll was conducted to determine which breakfast food was overrated.

Here are the top responses!

Avocado Toast-57% say overrated
Pancakes-61% agree this is an acceptable breakfast food
Smoothie Bowls-53% say overrated
Waffles-59% agree this is a breakfast food
Breakfast Burritos-35% agree this is a good breakfast choice
Scrambled Eggs-26% say they are overrated
Bacon-36% say overrated
Cereal? -47% say it is overrated

Yogurt parfaits-32% say its a fine breakfast food and also feel its overrated
Croissants-48% say overrated
Bagels with cream Cheese-50% say overrated
Donuts-57% say overrated
Hash browns-46% say overrated