Breakfast for dinner is the best!

It seems like people have a complicated relationship with breakfast.  


On one hand, so many people SKIP breakfast because they’re too lazy or rushed to throw something together, but on the other hand, some people prefer breakfast foods OVER dinner options.


In a new survey, 31% of people said they’d give up dinner to have a second breakfast instead.  65% said that breakfast foods taste better for dinner.  And 65% also admitted to making dinner leftovers into their next-day breakfast.


For what it’s worth, 25% said the opposite, that they’d give up breakfast to have another dinner.  And in this survey, 65% said they eat breakfast every day.


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One of the draws of breakfast foods might be that they can be SWEETER than dinner foods.  23% of people like sweet breakfasts only, 22% like savoury only, and 48% prefer a mix.


The top breakfast foods are:  Eggs, omelets, and pancakes, and the top breakfast SIDES are:  Coffee, sausage, bacon, milk, orange juice, fruit, and toast.