Page’s 5: Touchdown Foods For The Big Game

Eats That Will Stop Any Fans Craving At The 50 Yard Line

You got the classics, like wings, subs, chili, but take it to the next level by adding these yummy dishes to your Big Game line up.

Loaded Nachos- Classic football food. And you can make it as easy or as fancy as you want! Tortilla chips, cheese, tomatoes, green onion and peppers are the basics, but you could even go as far as adding diced chicken or pulled pork. Avocados and olives. Hot peppers and jalapenos. The possibilities are endless! And you can even get creative with the salsa for dipping. Instead of mild or spicy, what about a corn salsa, or go sweet with a mango salsa!

Salad On A Stick- Want to have a healthy option, (and you’re not afraid of your friends making fun of your good choices on game day), here’s a different way to present a salad. Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, mushroom, lettuce chunks, basically anything you’d want in a salad just on a skewer! Then drizzle your favourite dressing over top!

Buffalo Chicken Dip- This is a staple in my house, and SO easy to make!

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened.
1 cup cooked chicken breast with Buffalo seasoning chopped into bite-sized chunks.
1/2 cup Buffalo wing hot sauce.
1/2 cup 4 cheese ranch salad dressing.
2 cups shredded Tex-Mex cheese.

Spread the cream cheese in an even layer on the bottle of a deep dish baking pan. Add the chicken chunks. Drizzle hot sauce and ranch dressing over evenly. Top with cheese. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Add chips to dip and you’re set!

Football Strawberries- Why not have football-themed desserts? Dark chocolate covered strawberries are already a decadent treat, but take them to the next level by adding lines in white chocolate to create a football look.

Food Stadium- Want a little bit of everything? Then this is perfect for The Game! Don’t get intimidated by the sheer size. This is easier to build than it looks and will definitely please any football fan!

(Video Courtesy of Allrecipes/YouTube. Images Courtesy of Pinterest)