Patrick Swayze Could Have Some Presence In Dirty Dance Sequel

But who will be in the corner this time?

The “Dirty Dancing” sequel will be set in the ’90s, with JENNIFER GREY’s “Baby” returning to Kellerman’s. PATRICK SWAYZE will have some kind of presence in the film, and talks are underway with his estate to make that happen.


The movie is said to feature ‘90s hip-hop, so very soon, Baby could be rocking out to the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur in her corner.

Jennifer Grey will be reprising her role as Frances “Baby” Houseman and will also produce the feature film! “50/50” director Jonathan Levine is directing the film and co-wrote the screenplay with Elizabeth Chomko, Deadline reported.


The movie music will incorporate hip-hop as well as the likes of Alan’s Morissette and Liz Phair, and director Levine promised that “we will not ruin your childhood.”


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Besides Grey, no other cast members have been announced, but it is a possibility that original stars Kelly Bishop, Cynthia Rhodes and Jane Brucker could make appearances.


Dr. Houseman — Baby’s father — was played by theatre legend Jerry Orbach, who passed away in 2004. Patrick Swayze, a k a Johnny Castle, died in 2009.


The outlet also reported that despite Swayze’s death, the filmmakers are talking with the “Ghost” star’s estate to use his presence in some form.


The Lionsgate project is set for a 2024 release and production is set to begin later this year.