Paul Rudd’s Secret To Looking Young


Paul Rudd’s secret to looking young is getting eight hours of sleep. He also watches what he eats and does cardio every morning after having a cup of coffee. Sounds easy enough!

He’s 53 and doesn’t look a day over 40! 

Men’s Health Magazine wanted to know the secret to Ant-Man’s youthfulness! Paul says, diet, weights and cardio also contribute to his youthfulness!

The former People’s Sexiest Man Alive told the outlet that people often expect his ‘secret’ to be related to a restrictive diet or intense, top-secret workout regimen.

Although he is dedicated to daily cardio and a minimum of three days of weight lifting, Rudd believes that the ‘most important part of training is sleep.

Later, Rudd gave the outlet a glimpse at his daily routine which begins with coffee and cardio on an empty stomach — something he said he ‘never would’ve done’ before signing on to play the Marvel superhero, Ant-Man. 

Rudd’s diet is simple and consistent. He told Men’s Health that he eats eggs daily, incorporates salmon into most meals and likes his protein shakes with just a blend of protein powder and water.

Rudd has been busy promoting Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which is set to hit theatres on February 17.