People Find This To Be The Worst Part of The Holidays!

Cleaning up is the worst!

A new study looked into what people do to prepare for the holidays.  The survey was conducted with 2000 people and found that 54% of people polled said that the clean up was the worst part.


After spending weeks prepping for the holidays, buying gifts, wrapping them, cooking, and hosting, the last thing people want to do is clean up the mess!


47% of people say that washing the dishing after Christmas dinner is the worst part, while one third say it’s the prep work that’s the worst part.


The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LG Electronics USA, showed that one-third of those polled will spend six hours or more in the kitchen, working towards that perfect holiday meal.


The holidays will look a little different this year with the coronavirus in full swing. 70% of people who have held holiday gatherings in the past say they plan to skip the guests this year and choose a more immediate family gathering.


77% of those who usually hosts think they will be making less food than normal this year.