Pet Parents Prioritize Fur Babies’ Happiness Over Their Own!

Pets are the best!

Four out of five people prefer to be welcomed home by their four-legged friend than a human!

That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 pet owners, where 78% agree that seeing their pet when they come home is the best part of their day.

So it’s no surprise that 71% said they regularly put their pet’s needs before their own.

A new survey on behalf of Chewy wanted to uncover the degree to which pet parents prioritize their pets’ happiness when making major life decisions and planning their daily activities.

According to respondents, pets influence what trips they take, where they live and the people they hang out with, and one-third said their pet even impacts how they spend money.

Pets also play a significant role in all aspects of day-to-day activities with nearly half of respondents admitting they plan their free time around being with their pet.

More than two in five would change plans so their pet could be included, and would rather cancel to spend more time with their pet.

Almost two-thirds of respondents have gotten another pet for their pet and would consider getting another.

Most commonly, it was to keep their pet from getting lonely, but 51% did so to give their current pet more exercise.

To make their pet happy, owners have cooked homemade meals and let them sleep in their beds.  Almost half of the people have spent more money on their pets than themselves.