Pizza Hut Canada Adds Beyond Sausage To Its Menu

Canadians are adopting “flexitarian” diets. 

More than 450 Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada have added Beyond Meat’s plant-based sausage to their menus permanently, as of yesterday.  KFC Beyond Fried Chicken also officially launched yesterday in the U.S.  



Canada is the second market to offer Beyond Sausage permanently. Pizza Hut restaurants in the United Kingdom added plant-based sausage to their menus in July 2021.  Beyond Meat said in a statement that more Canadians are adopting “flexitarian” diets.  


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The topping uses pea protein as a base to mimic the taste and texture of sausage.  In addition to adding meatless sausage — including Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles — to any pizza, customers in Canada will be able to order a flatbread pizza and alfredo dish with the ingredient.