Pizza Hut Will Deliver ‘Goodbye Pies’ with a Break-up Message For Valentine’s Day


Customers can order hot honey pizza from Pizza Hut to be delivered to your soon-to-be-ex

It’s over, but at least you have pizza.

Starting Feb. 6, customers can order “Goodbye Pies” from Pizza Hut to be delivered to your soon-to-be ex. The limited-edition pizza has hot honey on top and is packaged in a custom box with a broken pizza heart illustration and a spot to write in their names.

From Feb. 6 to Feb. 14, heartbreakers can submit for a chance to send a hot honey “Goodbye Pie” to their significant others at The deal is only available at locations in New York City, Chicago and Miami. 

Plus, Pizza Hut has an excuse generator for anyone looking for a clever break-up reason. The comical excuses range from lines like, “I’m the heir to a throne of a faraway land and I must go save my kingdom from impending evil” or “You ate all my cheese sticks and didn’t offer to replace them.”