Popcorn Supply Shortage May Be A Thing This Summer In Theatres

When millions of people flock to movie theatres to see “Jurassic World: Dominion” or one […]

When millions of people flock to movie theatres to see “Jurassic World: Dominion” or one of several other blockbuster films expected to draw big crowds this summer, they may find disappointment at the concession stand.

Those pillowy golden puffs of classic movie-theatre popcorn, covered in fake butter and all-too-real salt, could be in short supply.

The Preferred Popcorn chief executive Norm Drug told the Wall Street Journal that it’s not just the popcorn that could be in short supply, but also those grease-proof paper bags.

Kids watching a movie!

Some chains are turning to metal or plastic containers that are sold at higher prices to consumers as memorabilia, but which cost more upfront.

Those metal or plastic containers are big money makers for theatres as “Some [theatres] have used collectible vessels for a long time and see good sales upside,” she said. “Some are being forced to … as they are what is more readily available at this time. Others are choosing to pay more for the higher-end vessels because they see an opportunity to try a new marketing vessel.” look for keep-sakes when they go to see a major movie.

As for the popcorn itself, the bigger problem, Krug told the Journal, is convincing farmers to create enough corn rather than switching to or sticking with a different, potentially more lucrative crop like soybeans.

Those supply issues are compounded by an ongoing trucker shortage, which continues to cause shipment delays across US consumer-goods supply chains. 

This could potentially trickle over to Canada! 

Notably, this potential popcorn problem is coming at a time when more people than ever are finally feeling confident enough to return to the theatre after over two years of restraint.

The recent success of the long-awaited Top Gun sequel serves as yet another indicator that more people are ready to head back to the cinema. Whether there will be enough popcorn for everyone remains to be seen.