PSA: Fire Prevention Week

Are you prepared?

Next week (October 9th to 15th) is Fire Prevention Week. This year the theme is Don’t Wait, Check the Date (on your smoke alarms).

It’s also a great time of year to brush up on the emergency and fire safety procedures in your workplace.

Here’s a few things you should know:

  • the location of two exits closest to their work area;
  • the location of the nearest fire alarm pull station and how to use it;
  • the phone number for the Fire Department (9-1-1);
  • your responsibilities in a fire, which are in the fire safety plan;
    the fire emergency procedures posted on your floor.

If you discover a fire

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station on the fire floor.
  • Leave the area immediately, closing all doors behind you.
  • Take keys with you.
  • Go to the nearest exit and leave the building. Close all doors behind you.
  • If you encounter smoke, consider taking an alternate stairwell/exit. Heat and smoke rise leaving cleaner air near the floor. Crawl low under smoke.
  • Call  9-1-1 regardless of the size of the fire. Never assume this has been done.
    Give correct address, location of fire and your name.

Here’s a handy little brochure from Toronto Fire Services that should help to stay safe in the workplace. 

And here’s a little video from The Office…on exactly HOW NOT to handle a fire in the workplace.



Source: Toronto Fire Services