Pumpkin Spice New Releases We Didn’t Ask For

The only thing missing is pumpkin spice pet food

Pumpkin Spice SPAM

I will never forget my Dad cracking open a can of SPAM at home for lunch once, the house smelled like dog food. I can’t imagine this would be any improvement.

Hostess Pumpkin Spice Cup Cakes and Donettes

If you happen to pop into a Gas Station in the United States this Fall, here’s a snack that has an unlimited shelf life you might see there.

Pillsbury Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls

This is an easy sell on a Sunday morning for the kids, Mom & Dad too!

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat

This is making a triumphant return and I need to try it!

Tim Hortons is releasing their Pumpkin Spice products August 28th. Listen below for all the goodies.